Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day! Organic Anti Aging Skin Care For Men

Skin care isn’t just for women. Men are equally susceptible to the effects of the sun, photo-aging, wrinkles and discoloration. Unfortunately, many men don’t think about taking care of their skin, but this Father’s Day, you can think about it for them. Here at skin Perfection, we take skin care for everyone very seriously, and we have something for everyone—no matter if you’re a man or a woman, young or old, adult or child!

The basis or any skin care regimen has to begin with a cleanser. If the man in your life refuses to do anything else except wash his face, you can provide just the right cleanser to keep his skin clean, healthy and younger looking. If he’s prone to acne, breakouts or has oily skin, try our Clarifying Cleanser. Made from organic extracts and vitamins, it will deep clean and leave his skin cleaner and less prone to breakouts.

For sensitive, combination or sun damaged skin, try our Moisturizing Cleanser. With its creamy texture infused with Organic Aloe, pomegranate and rooibos tea, it will leave his skin soft, smooth, clean, soothed and nourished.

Another easy skin care product is sunscreen—don’t let him leave home without it, especially for those long days on the golf course! Our products are safe for all skin types, free of harsh chemicals, and completely affordable. Drop a can of 30 SPF in his gym bag and you’ll be surprised when he actually uses it!

We don’t expect miracles, so start slow, but skin care isn’t just for women these days! From our body scrub to acne care, there is a plethora of product types to choose from—and your man will be amazed at the changes he’ll see with even the most basic skin care routine. Visit our catalog for more information!

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